Model Escort Pune

Hello, I am Model Escort Pune. My name is Kamya… Voluptuous, attractive and beautiful are the words which can justify my personality. I hail from Delhi, and belong to reputed high class Punjabi family. My home is in Mumbai, but I prefer to live in Poona city. I really love this city because of its wonderful climate and friendly nature of people. This city is expanding as a major metropolitan of India. And I believe that it is worth to live in Pune because of its nightlife and Cosmo culture.

I spend most of my time in roaming around this city. Most of the times I love to sit in CCD, sometimes in Barista and sometimes in late night pubs and food joints. By profession, I am a female Model, so apart from my work; I have ample of time to spend with friends. But, that’s a one part of my lifestyle. Another part is bit dark or considered as a taboo in society, which is working as high profile prostitute

I know prostitute is the term which defines the escort girls, but by concept is bit different. And trust me I am not like a regular roadside hooker or call girl standing or waiting for the clients… I accept that I am a Model Escort, but I am providing escort service because I love to explore more in life. I love male companions, as well I love to share romantic moments.

In Pune, I am offering myself as High Class escort, and anyone who is seeking a high class girl to enjoy some sensual moments of life can contact me. I am able to give the perfect Pune escort service, as I am professional and experienced.

Right Now, my age is 23 years. And I am planning to give escort services in Pune till I touch the age of 29. Thus, my offer is open till 2021. Please use the contact details given on this portal. You will get the details from the operator behind the mentioned mobile number.

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